Located in the heart of Macedo de Cavaleiros, in the northeastern region of Trás-os-Montes, the Solar do Morgado do Morgado Oliveira, as known as Solar dos Morgados de Macedo, is a 17th century building. A testament to Portuguese history, the inscription of 1674 is engraved below the coat of arms, that has been held by the same family for the past three hundred years.

During the last century, it has been inhabited by the Sousa Cardoso and the Pereira de Oliveira whose families are descendants of the last Morgado.

In the early 20th century the house was divided among the living relatives of the Morgado. The Pereira de Oliveira’s side kept the entrance which included the coat of arms, granite stairwell and the balcony. This allowed the house to be considered a member of the national network of Country Tourism in Manor Houses (Turismo de Habitação), whose standards and prestige are well known and allow guest to experience tourism in a familiar atmosphere.

The estate has suffered various interventions throughout the centuries. The last improvement that was made kept in mind the true history and mysteries of the Manor. Despite facing one of the city’s main streets, the manor has always kept its reserved character, since the far days of the families ancestors who built the house originally – then still distant from the small village that was Macedo dos Cavaleiros.

The final result is a privileged place to experience a luxurious slumber or the ideal location to station yourself in order to explore the magnificent region of Trás-os-Montes. It is the perfect place choice for a vacation or a weekend getaway. With the tranquility and simplicity of the countryside yet without ever loosing touch with the conveniences of a town.

For those who seek the cultural wealth and diversity of the Portuguese northeast with its comfort, warmth, quiet and simplicity, the Solar do Morgado Oliveira is the perfect choice.