The Region

Macedo & The Region

Macedo de Cavaleiros is an excellent starting point to discover the region of Trás-os-Montes and the Alto Douro. Its geographical location, between plateaus and the mountain chains, allows for great mobility through the region, both for exploring more distant destinations or staying and enjoying the numerous things of the district of Bragança and the Municipality of Macedo has to offer, the heart of the Northeast.


What to visit in the Macedo area…

On the outskirts of Macedo stands the beautiful Serra de Bornes and the magnificent Azibo lagoon, an area of high tourism and environmental interest. Included in the Natura network are: the mount of Morais, the valleys of Sabor-Maçãs, the Nogueira mountain range and the Romeu site. Besides the Bornes mountain range, the Ala, Cubo and Lamalonga mountain ranges reveals the immensely rich natural park around Macedo.

All kinds of Nature sports are also a major attraction in the region.

The Azibo lagoon deserves a special reference. The hiking trails, the fauna, the flora and the fluvial beach are not to be missed. In the near future a golf course will be integrated into the area. The beach has both the blue and green flags for four consecutive years, symbols of the quality of the water and accessibilities.

The Bornes mountain range, southern frontier of the Municipality, from the top of its 1.212 m of altitude, has one of the most spectacular viewpoints in Trás-os-Montes and has a splendid place for hang-gliding, paragliding and all-terrain driving.

The Villages are both the historical and the cultural base of Macedo. Though much of its patrimony was lost or adulterated, a serious rehabilitation and conservation effort is underway.

As cultural interest points, a reference goes to: Arqueologic Museum, by the Azibo, in Vale da Porca; the Rural Museum of Salselas, the Casa do Careto, in Podence; the Convent of Balsamão and its Museum of Religious Art, the Senhora do Campo, the Pelourinhos of Vale de Prados, Pinhovelo, Chacim and Nozelos, a chapel of Malta, churches of Lamalonga, Vilarinho de Agrochão, Podence, Bornes, Grijó, Vale Benfeito and Castelãos, the cut of the church of S. Pedro, in Macedo, and the manors, in Macedo, Cortiços, Chacim and Arcas.

The gastronomy and traditional goods are at your disposal in restaurants that will stay in your memory and in easily accessible shops. A trip to the local fair is also an experience not to be missed.


Distances and estimated travel time from Macedo:

Azibo: 6 km – 14 min

Romeu: 14,5 km – 19 min

Mirandela: 26 km – 23 min

Bragança: 41 km – 37 min

Vila Flor: 41 km – 37 min

Mogadouro: 50 km – 47 min

Torre de Moncorvo: 56 km – 44 min

Pocinho: 58 km –  40 min

Vila Nova de Foz Côa: 64,5 km – 51 min

Vinhais: 61 km – 1 h10 min

Chaves: 75 km – 1 h 10 min

Miranda do Douro: 84 km – 1 h 22 min

Puebla de Sanabria: 85 km – 1 h10 min

Zamora: 137,5 km – 1 h 30 min

Santiago de Compostela: 272 km – 3 h 15 min